Ethical Commitment


Blackheath Jewellery is committed to providing high quality jewellery whilst ensuring our business practices are ethically sustainable.

Our business engages in the up-cycling of vintage and antique jewellery, by re-selling secondhand jewellery to minimise waste contribution and do our bit for the environment.

All of our bespoke, handmade pieces are made of 100% recycled precious metals and stones where possible.

Blackheath Jewellery’s handmade manufacturing is all undertaken locally in New South Wales,
with the business being a committed supporter of Australian made products.

We also encourage our clients to bring in their unwanted precious jewellery to be re-used and re-modeled into new, artisanal pieces.

We believe in creating durable, bespoke jewellery that has minimal effect on the environment and its people.


Bespoke Ethical Jewellery